Quik NYC aka Lin Felton
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I Love NY-4
I Love NY (Subway Map, 2010)
Quik Subway Map 2010
Quik (Subway Map, 2010)
I Love NY-3
I Love NY (Subway Map, 2010)
I Love NY-2
I Love NY (Subway Map, 2010)
I Love NY-1
I Love NY (Subway Map, 2010)
Map New
Jamie (Mountain) Map (2010)
Jamie HairUp Map
Jamie Hair Up Map (2010)
Felix Map 2
Felix Map 2 (2010)
I Luv NY
I Luv NY Map (2010)
Felix Map 1 (2010)
Malcolm X speech (2004)
Jamie * Mom (2009)
Home! (2009)
It’s good to be the King (2009)
Pulled up! (2009)
Classic Flag (2009)
Train Timetable
Train Timetable (2008)
NYC rules! (on tram drawing)(2005) (small drawing!)
Another Talkin’ Head (2006)
Jasmijn (on subway map 1996)(2005)
Happy, happy... joy! joy! (2004)
untitled (on Kill Bill poster)(2005)
Heroes & villans
untitled (we miss you)
Talkin’ heads (2005)
Under construction (2004), original Disneyland map
1966 holiday
Snowblind (on map)
Runaway slave (2005)
to Jasmijntjes (2004)
untitled (on map)(2004)
Fuck 2005 (2005)
My girl has caused my heart to bleed (2002)
America’s last movement (2003)
Graffiti never dies! (2003)
Why dear? (2002)
Moby Quik (2002)
One nation under god (2001/2)
untitled (2001)
Design for installation (2000)
Red... white... and... blue$ (2003)
The Governor (2003)
untitled (2001)
untitled (2001)
untitled (2001)
I was there! You were not (2002)