Quik NYC aka Lin Felton
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Smoking Quik The People Who Have Crippled You 91
American Flag    


American Flag
American Flag (1998)
The People Who Crippled You 91
The People Who Crippled You... You Want To See Them Burn (1991)
Smoking Quik 90
Smoking Quik (1990)
Upside down (1990)
Down on my knees (1990)
What if Jasper Johns had been a black man (1990)
Red witch (1990)
New York city blues (1990)
No more drugs, please (1990)
White men spend so much time congratulating one another (1999)
Stimpy (1995)
The souls of black people (as a result of riots in LA) (1992)
Quik/Blade: Christal images (1992)
Guess who is coming to dinner (1992)
Ooooh No! My wife! (1991)
Birth of a nation (1991)
All morning parts stand still (1991)
A culture can starve in more than one way (1990)
Untitled (with heart) (1990)
Falling in love (1990)
Chemical dependancy (1990)
War Hero (1990)
Born again (1990)
It hurts only when I laugh (1990)